Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to Make a Website Using and Squarespace

If you listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos, chances are that you will have come across and advertisement for Squarespace.

Simply put, Squarespace is an all-in-one service that allows you to create your own website. One look at Squarespace's template page and you'll quickly recognize the layout and feel from other websites you might've visited in recent past.

Through my recent personal projects, I find myself creating and managing a few Squarespace pages, so, I wanted to relay these experiences to you in the event you need to create your own website through Squarespace.

Before I continue, although Squarespace offers the option to purchase your domain through them, it's worth noting that I purchased my domains through These instructions will show you how I purchased my domain through, purchased a website through Squarespace, and then connected the two.

Step 1) Secure your Domain Name

Think of a good domain name for your website, and then check to see if it's already taken and what other options are available.

For example, I typed in "Ballerstatus." It turns out that is already taken, so gives you other options to consider.

There's a lot of .xyz domains for you to consider, so use this as a chance to be creative. For one of my companies, we decided to go with a .tech domain.

Find a coupon for Doesn't hurt to save a few dollars, now, does it? Apply the coupon code at checkout.

Also, make sure you sign up for the Whois Privacy, as this helps protect your personal information associated with your website registration.

After you confirm your purchase, you will be asked to enter the verification code that comes with the email confirmation of your purchase. You only have to do this one time.

Congratulations! You just bought your own domain name. Now, onto making your website.

Step 2) Secure Your Website on Squarespace

Create a new account on Squarespace. DON'T WORRY: You don't have to pay anything at this point. You'll be allowed to try a website for free for a limited amount of time.

Browse their templates to find the style that best suits your needs.

Once you find something you like, then proceed to purchase. For all three websites, we've selected the "Personal" option, since those are the only features we need for the time being. We can always upgrade when needed.

You can pay monthly or get a slight discount by paying one full year in one lump sum. You can get an additional discount with an offer code. I'd recommend using the offer code "HELLO" in support of one of my favorite podcasts, Hello Internet.

Make sure you indicate how you heard about Squarespace. Again, I heard about it through Hello Internet, so I want to make sure that they get the credit.

Step 3) Connect the website domain you purchased through with your new Squarespace website.

On your new website, go to "Settings."

Then go to "Domains."

Then click on "Connect a Third-Party Domain."

Under the list of domain providers, select "" This will populate the DNS settings for your website based on what needs to point your website domain to Squarespace.

Again, don't worry. This will all make sense in a bit.

Observer the first row of information in your DNS Settings. In the third column labeled "Required Data," the cell should read "" Now, look two columns to the left (under "Host"), and you should see a mix of letters and numbers.

Copy (Ctrl+C) that entire string of letters and numbers.

For the purpose of my own privacy, I greyed out the verification string that was provided to me.

With that verification string copied, go back to your account. Under "My Domains," you should see your newly purchased domain name.

Click into it your domain name.

Look to the left-hand navigation menu. Select "DNS Records."

On the dropdown menu that reads "DNS Templates," select "DNS Templates."

And then, select ""

You will be prompted for a verification key.

Do you remember the verification string mix of letters and numbers that you copied from Squarespace a moment ago? Paste that exact string into the Verification Key field.

And then click "Confirm."

The and Squarespace systems will talk to each other, and, after a couple of minutes, your domain name will be linked to Squarespace. 

Go back to your Squarespace website and find your DNS Settings. You know you will have succeeded in connecting your domain to Squarespace when the fourth column "Current Data" goes from red text "Record not Found"... 

To green text "Correct."

If you're not seeing all greens yet, then you can click on "Refresh" to see if Squarespace accepted the domain. One of my websites took a few minutes. After one refresh, I achieved all greens. as shown below.

Test out your new domain! Open up a new tab and type in your domain name, and you'll be taken to your new website.

In Squarespace, when you go to "Settings" and "Domains," you should see the below confirmation screen that your domain is being managed by, and that your DNS Settings are all connected.

Congratulations! Now go forth and build an awesome website.


  1. I've read this with interest, and it certainly sounds like something dodgy is going on - but I'm not clear what. The thing that doesn't make sense to me is that I can't see who benefits from running a click farm.

    Well - Facebook of course, but unpleasant as they are, I can't see a company like that *directly* participating in generating fake ad clicks. I can certainly see them passively allowing, by inaction, which I assume is what is happening here.

    But the people who run the click farms - what benefit do they gain from this behaviour?

    Love to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi Hannah's Dad! Thanks for this question. Looking forward to answering it, though would you be willing to copy/paste your question into the post about Facebook? That way, our conversation can be included with the larger conversation about the topic. Thanks!

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